Lisa Soltis and I go back to my earlier Teen VOGUE days.  She is a super talented LA- based jewelry designer and artist that works together with her sculptor hubbie, Daniel Soltis, to create some truly unique pieces for their line, LAS.

It seemed only natural that Lisa & I would decide to collaborate and the initial results are pretty spectacular. For now they are available by special order only. If you are interested, please email info@sarahfranceskuhn.com. You can see them below.

Here she is rocking her ‘Reef Cuff’.

Here she is showing me her Sabertooth and Eagle Rings…not to mention her cool red bag & stripes.

SFK+LAS (3rd from the left), ‘The Hare’ + Silver Screen Super Deluxe version, with added fringe.

and here is a proud owner of the SFK + LAS ‘Sabertooth’ + Silver Screen Super Deluxe version…

Contact info@sarahfranceskuhn.com if you would like to place a special order for one of these bad boys.

Also, please visit the LAS site here.

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Why Hello There

If you are in NYC already or planning a visit, please go by the Rogan store. A few of the SFK+ Rogan+ Loomstate styles are still left. You can also purchase them here.

You will also find some one-of-kind SFKs…

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