SFK + Gala Gonzalez

SFK recently connected with Spanish born, London-based, jet-setter extraordinaire Gala Gonzalez, who has become a shining fashion-star-blogger, to create a custom Super Deluxe & iPhone wristlet.
Her site, Amlul.com, includes posts from exotic locations that feature her eclectic and glamorous lifestyle.
For her custom designed straps she chose Fool’s Gold chain and Kilim fabric because “I adore it sooo much!”

To purchase the SFK+Gala Gonzalez Super Deluxe go HERE.

Kilim fabric originated from the Turkish tribal Kilim technique of weaving. Each tribe developed their own personal style, used in their fabrics to identify their own tribal ancestry. Because Kilim fabric is so hard to find, we substituted Kilim for Ikat fabric. Ikat fabric is also a colorful, tribal woven fabric that has ritual, ethnitc, and symbolic meaning.

To purchase the SFK+Gala Gonzalez iPhone Wristlet go HERE.



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