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You Reap what you sow

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Winter is officially over. The Spring Equinox occured today.

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Some signs of winter may be clingin’ on in some places for dear life…

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Spring’s got other plans…mourning will soon end, Persephone is coming back.


There is no time like the now time to start sowing some seeds to get ready for the comin’ big thaw.

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Your seedlings & plants love to be sung to…so play them a tune! 

Whether you have 100 acres, a small back garden, a front porch or a kitchen window, you can grow a garden of your very own.


You can also save seeds, trade seeds and spread seeds.

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In this photo you can see a collection of sugar baby pumpkin, dill and squash seeds+ some purple tomatillo & watermelon radish seeds purchased at the local co-op.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.28.23 PM

After a couple weeks in the window and watered according to biodynamics, they are starting to sprout.

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Inspired by a previous roomate, Jami, decided to get a headstart on the growing season with an indoor-grow light setup.

She attended the Grow Pittsburgh Seed Swap back in February at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. Her seedlings include: Giant Marigolds from Nepal, Various Eggplants, a trillion kinds of tomatos, zinnias, calendula, peppers, broccoli & cabbage.

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If you need some more advice, check out your local library.

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A good one is: Garden Wisdom & Know How & Modern Pioneering 

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You can also grow some NEW INTENTIONS this time of year…

Jami repurposed some curtain tassles into a cactus holder.

She also found some vintage Christian Dior glasses to add her own prescription lenses to.


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