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Spring Cleaning series part 1!

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Welcome to part one of the Spring Cleaning  series here on the Green Graffiti blog.

It is time to dust your bookshelves, vacuum out the corners, ask the rats to leave your basement, and remove the fingerprints from your mirrors.

Also, it is a great time to cleanse your mind and heart of any moldy thoughts, grudges, crusted over anger or regret.

In part one, we discuss how to make you very own home-made cleaning product that will both save you money & save the planet. It is toxin-free, totally green and great for homes with pets & kids.


My Brooklyn-based designer & stylist  friend, Angela ( our collaborative collection is available here), gave me this recipe for her “Magic Citrus Green Cleaner” and I have used it ever since. The vinegar/citrus juice cleans glass, mirrors, sinks, tile and more. It is also great for removing musty odors.


All you need is:

A spray bottle

Some citrus rinds

( it can be lemon, lime, grapefruit,

or any citrus or a mix of them all)

Apple Cider vinegar


Just add about an inch or two of vinegar

a handful of citrus rinds

and water

shake it up and voila! It is ready.

It gets better and better as the rinds marinate in the solution.

And as you eat more citrus, just save the rinds and keep adding or make more!


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