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The weather is warming up and we are all shedding some layers of clothes, as well as stored negative karma. Speaking of karma, in this post we are going to talk about ways to reinvent your currently owned items, rather than going out and spending your hard-earned-cash on brand new materials by UPCYCLING!!! :::There are […]

Ooh Baby I like it Raw

Today I got a lucky entrance into the 11th annual Pittsburgh Farm to Table Growing Roots for Healthy Communities conference: celebrating the diversity of farming & traditonal cooking methods…encouraging people to steer business & resources to farms, small food businesses & non-profit organizations working on food security & wellness. Basquiat ‘Dark Milk’ ’86 After a […]

Spring Cleaning series part 1!

Welcome to part one of the Spring Cleaning  series here on the Green Graffiti blog. It is time to dust your bookshelves, vacuum out the corners, ask the rats to leave your basement, and remove the fingerprints from your mirrors. Also, it is a great time to cleanse your mind and heart of any moldy thoughts, […]

You Reap what you sow

Winter is officially over. The Spring Equinox occured today. Some signs of winter may be clingin’ on in some places for dear life… Spring’s got other plans…mourning will soon end, Persephone is coming back. There is no time like the now time to start sowing some seeds to get ready for the comin’ big thaw. Your seedlings […]

Artist & Musician Gina Favano gave me a tour & schooled me about grease-mobiles

simple, yet often forgotten reminders, in the windows as I walked up Gina Favano is like the cool sister I always dreamed of having ( I grew up with many, many bros). She is a visual artist, badass musician in band called, Come Holy Spirit, and generally one of the most chill people in Pittsburgh. She offered […]


(above, sugar beet harvest) My girlfriend and band-mate says when she is gettin’ ready to go out on the town, “Hold on, let me put my face on!“ Make-up has been used throughout time. The Ancient Egyptians turned to the natural resources surrounding them to create cosmetics. Malachite, a copper ore, which provided the green eye makeup color so greatly […]

Tara & Shane’s Herbal Smoking Blend

Last night I got the pleasure of a visit from two lovely gypsy artists, musicians and cosmic healers, Tara & Shane, as they were passing through Pittsburgh on their way to Brooklyn ( from the West Coast).   We met up at Cattivo, where my band Franny Moon and some friends bands(Robin Vote, Side Eye & […]


Welcome to the Green Graffiti Blog, where I ( Franny aka SFK ) and friends will share daily lessons, discoveries and stories from fashion to farming, music, social justice, climate justice and much more. After a week in Seattle, WA at my first Neighborworks Training Institute where I learned all about Community Restoration and Development. I […]

Female Rebel: Tahiya Karyoka

Taheya Karyoka was born in a small village in Egypt in 1919.  Like any common Middle Eastern family, her parents did not approve of her passion for belly dancing since it was not “respectful” and shows off too much skin. Eventually, however, this young girl had a great impact on her country, its culture and […]

Female Rebels: The Berber Women

Berbers are nomads who are distributed in the deserts of Northern Africa. They arrived  in the year 2000 BC, long before the Arabs had settled there. They were originally called “Amazigh“, which  translates into “free man“.  After the Greeks invaded their land, the term “Berber” was given to them which translates to “non-Greek“. Berber woman (south of […]