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Plastic…Fantastic?! Part 1

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In the USA alone, 100 BILLION plastic bags are disposed of each year roughly.One trillion bags are produced every year and

90 percent of those are discarded after one use.

Is plastic really fantastic? or futuristic?

Maybe way back in the 60’s it was the latest technology…

Why is this kind of over-the-top usage good?

:::Plastic Ono Band:::

Sure, it may be the most convenient option but do your own personal test…take a walk down the block or around the corner and most likely you will spot a plastic bag or ten floating around or stuck in a fence.

Maybe you even feel … like a Plastic Bag…

Since it takes one of those badboys an estimated 400-1000 years to slowly turn into tiny plastic particles that get into the soil, water and our bloodstream, we ought to think twice.

There are only a hand-full of US cities with bag bans as of 2017:

Austin, TX Cambridge MA, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, & Seattle

and only a few more with fees/taxes: Boulder, CO, Brownsville, TX, Montgomery MD, NYC, Portland ME, Washington DC

Some countries have an outright ban, or major taxation, which has significantly helped to reduce their presence & seems pretty cool:

Belgium, France ( they banned all plastic silverware and cups too!), Morocco, Bangladesh ( had major flooding at one point in one of their water systems due to too many plastic bags on the loose & clogging up drainage etc), China, Australia, Brazil, S.Africa, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda, Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia,Scotland, Mexico, Italy, Wales, Ireland, Denmark


In France, where the Paris Climate Agreement ( an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigationadaptation and finance starting in the year 2020) takes place there is also a successful ban of plastic bags and also all plastic silverware, cups etc.

And in Kenya too!

The other kicker, is that so many of us don’t realize that we have options. We can RECYCLE them at PLASTIC BAG recycling centers ( most places don’t accept them in standard recycling pick- up yet…maybe soon)

I found my local one in a quite dark corner outside of the main grocery store entrance…not the most obvious spot however, it is there.

Or you can just use your own bag.

The most recent Chanel collection is full of plastic, like our city sidewalks & oceans!

Did Karl source recycled plastic for his collection?

There is such a thing as 100% recycled plastic …singer MIA, sourced her plastic from ocean trash and turned it into a jacket!

next time you are in line at the store, what will you do???


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