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What in the world?

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It is late October in the N.E. of the USA, the leaves on the trees are still green and yesterday I was in a t-shirt because it was almost 80 degrees…

what in the world is going on with planet Earth?

A friend of mine, fellow farmer & general all-around pioneer of all things green, Raqueeb Bey , got yours truly at Green Graffiti a pass to this year’s  Society of Environmental Journalism Conference  entitled, RIVERS OF CHANGE,  that recently took place in Pittsburgh, PA.  Over the course of a week, hundreds of people that are committed to reporting, researching and teaching about the current state of our environment & climate change met to discuss topics surrounding issues including; Water & Air Quality, Fracking, Urban Sustainability, Coal & Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy, Climate Change Denial, the current administration, Environmental Justice & Injustice … & more.

Green Graffiti got to meet a few of them! See below

       In head-to-toe pink, Yessenia Funes @yessfun

Peter Sterne of the U.S. Freedom Tracker @petersterne

Jenni Monet , a freelance journalist that focuses on Indigenous people around the world. She has been at the front- lines during the fight for clean water @ Standing Rock and opposition against the Dakota Access Pipeline plans.


They fed us well at the conference ( although next time, hopefully they will provide more vegan & locally farmed options). These three were in line for breakfast…

From left to right: Eve Andrews  (of Grist  & Ask Umbra

@eefandrews / @askumbra ), Jessica Hester (of City Lab & The Atlantic @jessicahester ) & Lanie Lee Cook ( of KATC TV-3 Louisiana  @lanieleecook )

Clara Weivel, is a student @ University of Pittsburgh 

Leon Briggswhose native name is Medicine Bow, is of the Seneca/Metis tribe from the Tonowanda Reserve in Basom, New York. He was part of a panel entitled, Environmental Justice: Tribal Nations Take a Stand which discussed environmental & political issues effecting Native American Communities.

David Wallace-Wells (of New York Magazine @dwallacewells)

Emily Hopkins  ( of  The Indy Star @_thetextfiles)

Ashley Braun 

( a Seattle-based freelance science and environmental journalist


Shayan Golafshani, a student at the University of Michigan.

Tim Neff (a professor at the NYU Department of Media @teejneff)

And on my walk home, I ran into

Dana Harris-Yeats of Cultural Oasis

who is a fellow-farmer friend of mine,  an Indigenous Native Moor, Pittsburgh’s own Shamanic Healer. A Hoodoo practitioner, Master Herbalist, Reiki and Nishanti Mganga Master, Numerologist, Reader, Spiritual Guide, Mindfuless, Body and Soul/Spirit Centered Thereputic Couselor, Motivational Speaker, and Pittsburgh’s Genetic based Healing Specialist !

& I saw Tesla parked nearby, a company that is  at the forefront of the transition to renewable energy, the electric car industry & solar energy production 🌎


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