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I am pleased to announce that Green Graffiti’s very own, Sarah Frances Kuhn ( moi!) is now a certified Climate Reality Leader.

Diplomas have never been all that important to me, but this one feels different. Last week, myself and 1400 other people from all over the globe, participated in a 3 day leadership training course with the one and only Al Gore, and many other esteemed folks ( world-class scientists, business leaders, policy makers & innovators) that are at the forefront of confronting the climate crisis.

Green Graffiti was on hand , learning all sorts of things about our home, the blue marble aka; Mother Earth

((((and meeting some well-dressed international climate revolutionaries (keep scrolling…)))))

For one thing, the sky is not actually a vast limitless space as it appears! It is actually a thin shell around us and we are filling it with wayyyyy too much C02 from all the fossil fuels we are burning daily ( millions of metric tons/ day!!!) . To combat the effects of this ( global warming, hotter ocean temps, stronger, less predictable storms, increased climate refugees…to name but a few), we have to continue to conserve and transition to & use the latest technology of renewable energy sources. There are so many cool things happening, and being created as we speak ( Rohan Patel of Tesla / Solar City spoke with us) such as wind farming, solar farms & in the location city of the training, Pittsburgh, PA, there is a goal to reach 100% renewable energy use ( Clean Energy Action Plan) by 2030.

🌏    🌍   🌎   Green Graffiti will continue to report on topics surrounding this…

however, for now, I leave you with some faces you may be seeing a lot more of, as they are all now official Climate Leaders as well. You can also join, and apply to a training here 🌎    🌍    🌏


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